Ashley Gross / KPLU

For Jan-Marie Dawson, her 32-inch TV is a daily savior.

“I don’t know what else I would do with my time. It helps entertain my mind, instead of just staring at four walls, being up in my own head," she says.

For her, that’s the scary thing — having that empty time. That would be temptation.

Photo provided by Tacoma Housing Authority.

Federal dollars meant to restore toxic areas like old factories, mines and gas stations are now going to clean up after another longtime industry: methamphetamine.

For the first time, the EPA’s "Brownfields" program is covering the cleanup of former meth houses, and the inaugural sites are right here in the Northwest.

Heroin-related deaths used to be associated with users in their 30s on up through middle age. But a new drug use study in King County confirms a new phenomenon: heroin deaths in young adults are on the rise.