Emergency crews are scrambling to reach people trapped when an under-construction elevated roadway collapsed onto a busy street in Kolkata, India, on Thursday. More than a dozen people have died, local media say, and dozens more are trapped.

News of the number of dead or injured is still emerging, and those reports are currently fluctuating. Citing police, Asian News International reports that at least 14 people are dead, with more than 70 wounded.

Gov. Inslee Announces I-405 Express Lane Changes

Feb 17, 2016
Elaine Thompson / AP

Since the I-405 express toll lanes were installed between Bellevue and Lynwood, many drivers have voiced frustrations about extended wait times and confusing lane markers.

Governor Jay Inslee says he has a plan to help ease the gridlock. Standing in front of dozens of screens showing real-time traffic footage at the state’s new Transportation Management Center in Shoreline, Inslee said the state needs hone in on traffic problems.

Elaine Thompson / AP

Cities around the globe are competing for jobs, and especially good, middle-class jobs. A new study says Seattle has fallen a bit behind some other cities, in part, because of problems with infrastructure.

The study compares Seattle with cities around the world that are a similar size and type of economy – for example, San Francisco, Singapore, Boston, Amsterdam.

When a chunk of I-5 flew up and smashed through the windshield of a car carrying a family of four, the dangers of Washington's crumbling roadways became all too real.

"The rock hit me so hard in the chest, it literally took my breath away," Henry Jessop, who was in the passenger seat, told KOMO. His son Ian and his daughter were in the back seat, and his wife was behind the wheel.