Food for Thought
5:35 am
Wed April 17, 2013

Let's wrap and roll... Chinese dumplings

Nancy and Dick differ on the best method for making your own homemade Chinese Northern-style dumpling wrappers, but the agree that homemade beats store bought by a mile.

Nancy Leson surprised me when she said she was using cake flour and plain cold water for her dumpling wrapper dough.  I've been using all purpose and just-boiled very hot water. 

Nancy got the recipe from Judy Fu of Seattle's Snappy Dragon restaurant fame and wrote about it recently.  There's something I like about her method. And something I don't.

What I like is that low-gluten cake flour makes for a softer, more easily rolled dough. What I don't like is that cake flour doesn't have as much  flavor as AP.  Plus, I've never had a hard time rolling the AP, anyway. I'm willing to give it a try, though and will report the results in a blind jao-tse tasting (okay, gorging) at a later date.  Meanwhile...

Here's a video from the stellar Andrea Nguyen on how to roll out wrappers. And another from Andrea on how to fill and fold those pleated crescents

It just takes a little practice.   Take a look at the video Nance made with Judy Fu and give it a shot.  In fact, why not make a party out of it?  Get some friends together, sit around the table and wrap n' roll.   Do give it a try and let us know how it all worked out.

"I could eat about a million of those things -- and I probably have."

– Dick Stein on homemade jao-tse