2:18 pm
Fri June 24, 2011

City looking for ways to help Seattle's economically distressed

Nearly 30% of Seattle residents – and a quarter of King County residents – live on the verge of falling off a financial cliff, according to a recent study.

If you’re unemployed or have a job but are living pay check to pay check, Seattle’s City Council wants you to think of them the next time you’re in a financial jam. 

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Charity Fundraisinig
12:43 pm
Fri June 24, 2011

Giving really, really big at Seattle Foundation's GiveBIG Challenge

Two fundraising volunteers collecting money for the GiveBIG Challenge at a Seattle Sounder's game at Qwest Field.
Courtesy of The Seattle Foundation

How long would you guess it takes to raise more than $4 million dollars for charity? In King County, give it 17 hours. That’s how long it took The Seattle Foundation to raise more than 18,000 donations in its one-day GiveBIG Challenge.

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Life in the Northwest
11:40 am
Fri June 24, 2011

64th anniversary of flying saucers at Mt. Rainier

Kenneth Arnold with an artist's rendering of the UFOs he saw, which he said flew "like a saucer if you skipped it across the water."

America's fascination with flying saucers began in Washington state on June 24, 1947. Businessman and pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying his small plane from Chehalis to Yakima when he spotted what appeared to be a formation of nine strange aircraft traveling near Mt. Rainier. Arnold calculated they were flying at supersonic speeds of at least 1,200 miles an hour, something military aircraft of the day were incapable of doing. 

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11:30 am
Fri June 24, 2011

Top 10 global health achievements in the past decade

No. 3 on the CDC’s list of the top 10 global health achievements in the past decade is access to safe water and sanitation.
Brande Jackson Flickr

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has compiled a list of the top 10 achievements in global health over the past 10 years.

The report notes, however, that “major disparities persist” and much remains to be done even in these areas that have shown most improvement.

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10:46 am
Fri June 24, 2011

Journalist in US illegally obtained Wash. driver license

OLYMPIA, Wash. – A Pulitzer prize winning journalist who is in this country illegally managed to obtain a Washington driver license – even though he doesn't live in Washington. How did he do it?

This week in the New York Times Magazine, journalist Jose Antonio Vargas revealed himself as an illegal immigrant from the Philippines. Part of his story involves obtaining a Washington driver license earlier this year – even though he doesn't reside in the state.

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Seattle Terror plot
10:11 am
Fri June 24, 2011

Detention hearings set for Seattle terror suspects

Sgt. Clint Conant, left, stands with potential U.S. Army recruits outside a federal building that houses the Seattle Military Processing Center. Two men have been arrested in a plot to attack on the military recruiting station there.
Elaine Thompson Associated Press

Two men allegedly planning to attack a military recruiting station in Seattle have detention hearings set for Wednesday.

The two men – one from Seattle and one from Los Angeles – appeared in federal court yesterday to hear the charges filed against them. Their court-appointed lawyers declined to comment.

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8:58 am
Fri June 24, 2011

Zoo releases new video of clouded leopard cubs

Point Defiance Zoo has released new photo and video of its clouded leopard cubs.
Seth Bynum Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Just a day away from public viewing, the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium has released a new photo (above) and a new video of the newborn clouded leopard cubs.

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8:36 am
Fri June 24, 2011

Tuition for community colleges going up 12 percent

Tuition at Seattle Central Community College and other Washington community and technical colleges is going up 12 percent.

The Washington State Board for Community and Technical colleges voted Thursday to raise tuition by an average of 12 percent next year. That's the maximum the Legislature allowed in the state budget.

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7:25 am
Fri June 24, 2011

Friday morning's headlines

Run your boat drunk this weekend and you might end up with a ticket.
Liam Flickr
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Elections 2012
6:57 am
Fri June 24, 2011

U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee to run for Washington governor

Advisers to U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee say he will launch his campaign for Washington governor next week.

Inslee's political team said in a statement late Thursday that he would officially announce his candidacy on Monday morning in Seattle, followed by a second event south of Yakima. He will make additional campaign stops in Tacoma, Vancouver and Spokane on Tuesday.