9:26 am
Mon October 10, 2011

Forecasters predict ho-hum holiday hiring in Northwest

Originally published on Tue March 5, 2013 11:05 am

SALEM, Ore. - It's the time of year that retailers think about hiring extra help for the holidays. Labor experts in Oregon and Washington say job prospects for seasonal hires are ho-hum in the jolly ho-ho-ho season.

Washington state's Employment Department is predicting about 13,000 holiday jobs will materialize in the state through the end of the year. If true, that would fall short of last year's numbers.

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9:23 am
Mon October 10, 2011

In Wake Of Wash. Prison Officer's Death, Safety Violations Remain

Slain correctional officer Jayme Biendl. Photo courtesy Wash. DOC

Originally published on Fri October 7, 2011 5:19 pm

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington's prison system has failed to resolve numerous safety issues in the wake of the murder of a correctional officer. That's the finding of the state's workplace safety watchdog agency.

Last January, Officer Jayme Biendl was strangled to death, allegedly by an inmate, in the chapel at the prison in Monroe. In July, Washington's Department of Labor and Industries ordered the prison system to make a series of safety improvements.

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4:30 am
Mon October 10, 2011

Expect Seattle's own 'Carmageddon' during 9-day viaduct closure

King County's passenger-only ferry service to West Seattle has become a hit among downtown commuters. It's adding five round-trips a day during the weekdays of the upcoming viaduct closure.
Bellamy Pailthorp KPLU

It’ll be the longest full closure of a Seattle area highway the region’s ever dealt with. In less than two weeks, demolition begins on the south end of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Several miles of State Route 99 will be closed for nine days starting Oct 21st. 

The state says all commuters will be affected – but none more than those near West Seattle.

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8:46 am
Sun October 9, 2011

At the UW, Chamber Dance Co. is resurrecting history

Chamber Dance Company dancers General Hambrick and Christy McNeil in Bebe Miller's "Cantos Gordos." The work, created in 1994, will be performed at the 2011 fall concert.
Photo by Steve Korn

The year 1994 might not seem that long ago to you. But in the world of modern dance, it's ancient history.

Or at least history, the year in which Bebe Miller choreographed her funky, athletic "Cantos Gordos."

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4:13 pm
Fri October 7, 2011

Do you have a ‘locavore’ coming to dinner?

Shira Golding Flickr

Some people come over and you love ‘em, but you have to hide the plastic bags, Tupperware and the Teflon pans just so you don’t have to “go there” with them.

Some are organic only (especially with children), limited or no red meat, fish only or vegetarian or vegan (all by choice and principle). And now for a growing number of potential dinner guests, it's locavore, too.

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Festivals and events
4:00 pm
Fri October 7, 2011

3 events for the weekend

Welcome October and Fall weather with three events around Seattle and Tacoma this weekend. Experience some classic funk and banging drums in Seattle, and local arts and entertainment in Tacoma.

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3:34 pm
Fri October 7, 2011

Documentary explores fatigue among 'helping professions'

From left to right, student filmmakers Elizabeth Herzfeldt-Kamprath, Hailey Rile and Katie Scaff interview the keynote speaker at a compassion fatigue conference in Ontario, Canada. Courtesy of PLU

Originally published on Fri October 7, 2011 4:34 pm

TACOMA, Wash. - Northwest states have long been top producers of Peace Corps volunteers and are also home to some of the biggest global relief charities. What gets less attention is the post-traumatic stress and burnout some of those workers come home with. A new documentary premiering in Seattle Saturday explores "compassion fatigue" among the "helping professions."

A string of natural disasters in the news last year and the imminent 10th anniversary of 9/11 made some communication and English majors at Pacific Lutheran University curious.

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Seattle Protests
11:33 am
Fri October 7, 2011

Seattle protests grow larger as Portland protesters spend night in tents

Protesters crowd Portland streets in support of Occupy Wall Street protests. Many Portland protesters spent the night in parks as Portland Police decided not to enforce no camping laws.
Greg Wahl Stevens Associated Press

Protests in Westlake Park are expected to grow in size Friday and Saturday as labor union members and Afghan war protestors join Occupy Seattle protestors.

Union representatives have visited Westlake Park and voiced their support for Occupy Seattle protesters.

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Weather with Cliff Mass
9:08 am
Fri October 7, 2011

Rain off and on, but without ‘nowcasting’ it's hard to pinpoint

Expect light rain off and on through out the weekend, but less of it on Saturday.
Aarthi Ramamurthy Flickr

Forecasters aren’t perfect, but we can be pretty sure of the rain falling this morning.

The cooler temps and heavier rain are a few weeks early, forecaster Cliff Mass told KPLU’s Keith Seinfeld, but the front dropping this rain will move through by mid-day today leaving Saturday mostly dry with rain returning that evening through Sunday morning.

But this could all be off by a few hours either way, because the official forecasters only publish every six hours. And those forecasts are used by nearly all the different weather Websites and news organizations.

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8:30 am
Fri October 7, 2011

Demand that Duwamish River be cleaned up enough to eat the fish

Duwamish Cleanup Coalition Coordinator, James Rasmussen, says the EPA's plan for restoring ecological health to the 32 square miles of Seattle's Superfund site should include the goal of being able to eat a fish out of the river.
Bellamy Pailthorp KPLU

There’s a major milestone this week in the cleanup of Seattle’s Duwamish River. Excavators are removing toxic sludge from one of the most polluted spots in the city’s industrial core. Completion of this work will allow cleanup on the rest of the river. 

But critics say there are already signs it won’t go far enough.

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