The Two-Way
3:30 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

Seemingly Bogus Website Uses 'Occupy Party' Name... To Sell Ads

A new website purports to be the work of "Occupy Party" — but the Occupy Wall Street movement hasn't heard of it. And it mainly features Google Ads, not grass-roots information.


Originally published on Thu October 6, 2011 11:00 am

As the Occupy Wall Street movement inspires protests in more U.S. cities, a website has popped up that seems to be trading on the group's somewhat nebulous status and lack of formal organization.

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3:15 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

Plastic Bag Ban Foes In Idaho Play 'Buy Local' Card

Voters from the city of Hailey, Idaho will vote on a proposed plastic grocery bag ban. Photo by Kevin Mooney

The first Idaho town to propose a ban on plastic grocery sacks is running into an unusual cross-current: the push to buy local. That's because the city of Hailey in central Idaho is just up the road from a plastic bag factory.

Local high school students gathered enough signatures this summer to put the ban on plastic bags before Hailey voters. The town of 7,000 near Sun Valley would be the first in Idaho to ban retailers from using the thin plastic grocery bags. It's similar to bans passed in Edmonds, Wash., and most recently, Portland and Bellingham.

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3:15 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

Work begins on Slip 4 'hotspot' in Duwamish River

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regional Administrator Dennis McLerran celebrates the start of dredging on Slip 4, a hot spot in the Superfund cleanup plan for the Lower Duwamish Waterway.
Bellamy Pailthorp KPLU

It’s one of the most polluted waterways in all of the Pacific Northwest. The lower five miles of Seattle’s Duwamish River were listed as a Superfund site a decade ago. This week, cleanup work has begun on one of its most toxic sections. 

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2:48 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

Body Identified As Missing Oregon Teen's

Police say a body found in the woods west of Corvallis, Oregon is 19-year-old Cody Myers from Lafayette, Oregon. Photo courtesy Oregon State Police

SALEM, Ore. – Police say a body found in the woods west of Corvallis, Oregon is missing teenager Cody Myers. The 19-year-old from Lafayette, Oregon disappeared over the weekend while traveling to the coast for a jazz festival. Police say the cause of death was, quote, "homicidal violence."

California State Police captured two people wanted in connection to Myers' death north of Sacramento on Wednesday. The couple was also sought in connection to the murder of an Everett, Washington woman.

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2:45 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

Killer whales near Alaska village, appear stressed

Orcas, like the one pictured, have been seen farther up the Nushagak River than ever before.
DeWaine Tollefsrud Flikr

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Three killer whales have made an unusual trek up the Nushagak River in southwest Alaska.

NOAA Fisheries-Alaska region spokeswoman Julie Speegle says residents have seen killer whales at the mouth of the river, but never this far upriver.

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Jazz & Blues
2:31 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

5 Titans of Texas Tenor sax

Illinois Jacquet
William Gottlieb/Library of Congress via Flickr

When jazz fans talk about the Texas Tenor saxophone sound, they're talking about a sound which is very robust, sometimes raw, and which mixes the musical vocabularies of swing, bebop, blues and R&B

It's that honking, bar-walking saxophone sound that used to blast from jukeboxes coast-to-coast. Here are five examples of that sound from saxophonists who hail (and wail) from Texas.

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Seattle Police
2:00 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

Man sues SPD, creates website of dashcam videos

A man whose charges were dismissed after he was arrested by Seattle police three years ago has decided that’s not enough to clear the air. He’s suing the department – and making video from their dashboard cameras public. 

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Protesting Wall Street
1:44 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

Hundreds march in LA in economic protests

LOS ANGELES — A downtown Los Angeles march in sympathy with New York's Wall Street demonstration has spilled into an intersection and police have formed containment lines.

Some organizers of the Thursday afternoon march appear to be trying to get demonstrators back onto sidewalks.

One group also has entered the lobby of a bank.

About 500 union members, students, activists and others have been marching among downtown high-rises containing offices of banks and other financial businesses.

Washington wines
11:56 am
Thu October 6, 2011

Washington Wine Commission leader to leave

SEATTLE — The executive director of the Washington Wine Commission plans to leave her post at the end of the year.

Robin Pollard said in a statement Thursday that she is excited to pursue businesses opportunities of her own after six years with the commission.

Gates building
11:37 am
Thu October 6, 2011

Gates Foundation HQ in Seattle the greenest

SEATTLE — The Gates Foundation says its headquarters campus in Seattle has been certified at the highest level of green buildings.

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