Seattle Protests
11:33 am
Fri October 7, 2011

Seattle protests grow larger as Portland protesters spend night in tents

Protesters crowd Portland streets in support of Occupy Wall Street protests. Many Portland protesters spent the night in parks as Portland Police decided not to enforce no camping laws.
Greg Wahl Stevens Associated Press

Protests in Westlake Park are expected to grow in size Friday and Saturday as labor union members and Afghan war protestors join Occupy Seattle protestors.

Union representatives have visited Westlake Park and voiced their support for Occupy Seattle protesters.

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Weather with Cliff Mass
9:08 am
Fri October 7, 2011

Rain off and on, but without ‘nowcasting’ it's hard to pinpoint

Expect light rain off and on through out the weekend, but less of it on Saturday.
Aarthi Ramamurthy Flickr

Forecasters aren’t perfect, but we can be pretty sure of the rain falling this morning.

The cooler temps and heavier rain are a few weeks early, forecaster Cliff Mass told KPLU’s Keith Seinfeld, but the front dropping this rain will move through by mid-day today leaving Saturday mostly dry with rain returning that evening through Sunday morning.

But this could all be off by a few hours either way, because the official forecasters only publish every six hours. And those forecasts are used by nearly all the different weather Websites and news organizations.

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8:30 am
Fri October 7, 2011

Demand that Duwamish River be cleaned up enough to eat the fish

Duwamish Cleanup Coalition Coordinator, James Rasmussen, says the EPA's plan for restoring ecological health to the 32 square miles of Seattle's Superfund site should include the goal of being able to eat a fish out of the river.
Bellamy Pailthorp KPLU

There’s a major milestone this week in the cleanup of Seattle’s Duwamish River. Excavators are removing toxic sludge from one of the most polluted spots in the city’s industrial core. Completion of this work will allow cleanup on the rest of the river. 

But critics say there are already signs it won’t go far enough.

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Washington State University
8:24 am
Fri October 7, 2011

WSU frat learns kicking down sorority door is not a 'prank'

PULLMAN, Wash. — Five members of a Washington State University fraternity have been arrested for what they call a "porch raid" prank and what police call residential burglary.

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Sports with Art Thiel
9:00 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

WSU off to strong start despite quarterback controversy

WSU's Jeff Tuel (10) congratulates Marshall Lobbestael (9) after a touchdown against Idaho State last month. Tuel broke his collar bone in the game. Lobbestael has played well, leading to a potential controversy now that Tuel has recovered.
Dean Hare AP Photo

Washington State University is enjoying the best start to its football season since 2006. The Cougars are 3-1 heading into Saturday's game at UCLA. And they're doing it with their backup quarterback.

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4:55 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

Washington judge lets murder defendant take road trip

A Washington state judge is letting a murder defendant take a two-week, five-state road trip before her arraignment.

Peggy Sue Thomas was arrested this summer at her houseboat in New Mexico and charged with first-degree murder.

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War in Afghanistan
4:50 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

More protesters heading to Westlake Park

Protesters associated with ANSWER Seattle plan to join Occupy Seattle protesters in Seattle's downtown Westlake Park.

Seattle’s Westlake Center continues to be a very busy place this week as the site of several protests scheduled for tomorrow.  Although the rallies are being held by separate groups, their messages are related. 

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Movie Reviews
4:20 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

'Dirty Girl': Turns Out It's All About The Boy

Teen outcasts Danielle (Juno Temple) and Clarke (Jeremy Dozier) bond over daddy issues — and eventually hit the road in search of Danielle's father.

David Moir The Weinstein Company

Originally published on Thu October 6, 2011 3:34 pm

It's probably appropriate that a film about adolescent identity crises has trouble figuring out what it wants to be. Much like puberty, Abe Sylvia's Dirty Girl is a mess of conflicting, confusing emotions. It starts out going for overtly campy satire — with limited success — before transforming into a heartfelt coming-of-age road movie with whimsical surrealist flourishes. This is a film that early on finds Dwight Yoakam washing his Cadillac in gratuitously sensual slow motion, and by its end finds room for after-school-special emotionalism.

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Other News
3:45 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

Occupy Portland Protesters Gather In Downtown Portland

PORTLAND - Protesters gathered Thursday in downtown Portland for a demonstration in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement. The protest drew people from different traditions. A number were relatively new to the Portland protest scene. Jordan Ladoux (lah-DOO) says he’s concerned about American government and the economy.

Jordan Ladoux "I've understood for a long time the way our society works doesn't work for most people. More than anything I just want to get my voice out there, that that's what I think. What we're doing isn't working."

Other News
3:42 pm
Thu October 6, 2011

FBI Investigates Fire At Idaho Fur Supplier As Possible Act Of Domestic Terrorism

A fire at a Northwest fur business has attracted the attention of the FBI. Federal agents are now looking into into whether the blaze in Caldwell, Idaho was an act of domestic terrorism. Anonymous members of an animal rights group have claimed responsibility.

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