GPS tracking en Clark County tracks county vehicles with GPS; good idea? <p>Clark County is using GPS devices to track many of its vehicles.</p><div><p>Managers can check their computers and find the locations of building inspectors, animal control officers and maintenance workers.</p><p><a href="">KATU reports</a> it&#39;s raising &quot;Big Brother&quot; concerns, but Risk Manager Mark Wilsdon says they&#39;re public employees, and if they aren&#39;t doing anything wrong there&#39;s nothing to worry about.</p><p>He says since GPS units were installed the number of completed jobs went up and so have fuel savings.</p> Wed, 13 Jun 2012 17:20:48 +0000 The Associated Press & Evan Hoover 5271 at Supreme Court rules police need warrant for GPS tracking The Supreme Court has just ruled that police need a warrant if they want to place a tracking device on a suspect's vehicle. The court's decision was unanimous.<p>NPR's Nina Totenberg says that this debate has been a contentious issue in the digital age. Here's how she explained it to newscaster Paul Brown:<p>At issue here is the case of Antoine Jones, a Washington, D.C. night club owner. Police put a GPS tracking device on his car for 30 days. Mon, 23 Jan 2012 17:03:51 +0000 3869 at Supreme Court rules police need warrant for GPS tracking