Investing en Seattle Group To Hold Its First Investment Forum Solely For Women Entrepreneurs <p><iframe frameborder="no" height="166" scrolling="no" src=";color=ff5500&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_artwork=true" width="100%"></iframe></p><p>Getting your startup company funded can be tough no matter what, but women entrepreneurs may face the additional challenge of overcoming gender bias.</p><p>A Seattle-based angel investing group called ZINO Society is holding its first-ever investment forum dedicated solely to women business owners.&nbsp;</p><p> Tue, 20 May 2014 12:00:00 +0000 Ashley Gross 16687 at Is sustainable? <p> has been thriving, despite the economic downturn. Shares in the company are now worth <a href="">more than five times a much as they were five years ago</a>, thanks in part to innovations such as its electronic book reader, the Kindle, or its move into data storage of all kinds of things &quot;in the cloud.&quot;</p><p>But it&#39;s just these futuristic lines of business that have <a href="">some shareholders</a> worried.&nbsp;</p><p> Wed, 08 Jun 2011 01:44:02 +0000 Bellamy Pailthorp 1806 at Is sustainable? Stock price surges as Starbucks annual meeting presents another starstruck affair <p>Starbucks stocks <a href="">have surged</a>. That&#39;s thanks in part to the German financial company Deutsche Bank, which has <a href="">resumed its coverage</a> of the Seattle coffee giant and is saying investors should buy the stock.&nbsp;</p><p>It&#39;s just one sign of confidence in the rebound of the company, as its executives outlined its latest growth strategies.</p><p><strong>An annual love affair with coffee</strong> <strong>and other addictive treats</strong></p> Thu, 24 Mar 2011 00:39:13 +0000 Bellamy Pailthorp 1062 at Stock price surges as Starbucks annual meeting presents another starstruck affair Time to buy back into the stock market? <p>A couple of weeks ago, financial commentator Greg Heberlein&nbsp;said it was <a href="">time for a stock market correction</a>. Sure enough, we&#39;ve seen the market drop, spurred on by events in the Middle East and the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan.</p><p>Is it time to buy back in? One never knows for sure, but on this week&#39;s <em>Money Matters</em>, Greg tells me what to watch for.</p><p> Tue, 22 Mar 2011 10:46:31 +0000 Greg Heberlein & Dave Meyer 1042 at Time to buy back into the stock market? The secret of great wealth <p>Want to know the secret to building wealth? It's pretty simple, and it's financial commentator Greg Heberlein's&nbsp;Christmas gift to you. &nbsp;He shares it with KPLU's Dave Meyer in this encore edition of <em>Money Matters</em>.</p><p></p><p> Tue, 21 Dec 2010 13:21:05 +0000 Dave Meyer & Greg Heberlein 400 at The secret of great wealth Money Matters: We all make mistakes <p>&nbsp;When it comes to investing, everyone makes mistakes.&nbsp; It’s virtually unavoidable.&nbsp; Financial commentator Greg Heberlein and KPLU’s Dave Meyer share some of their blunders on this week’s Money Matters.</p><p> Tue, 16 Nov 2010 22:30:19 +0000 Dave Meyer & Greg Heberlein 146 at Money Matters: We all make mistakes