timber http://www.kplu.org en Timber, Enviro Groups to Try Collaboration in Olympic Forest http://www.kplu.org/post/timber-enviro-groups-try-collaboration-olympic-forest <p></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">T</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">imber industry and environmental groups will make a stab at collaboration to boost both logging and habitat restoration in the Olympic National Forest.</span></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">The Congressman from Washington's Olympic Peninsula announced that effort Tuesday. It's modeled on successful collaborations elsewhere in the Northwest, including the </span>Colville<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> and </span><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Siuslaw</span><span style="line-height: 1.5;"> National Forests.</span></p><p> Wed, 04 Dec 2013 18:31:44 +0000 Tom Banse 11415 at http://www.kplu.org Timber, Enviro Groups to Try Collaboration in Olympic Forest NW timber exports after Japan quake slower than expected http://www.kplu.org/post/nw-timber-exports-after-japan-quake-slower-expected OLYMPIA, Wash. – When a massive earthquake destroyed San Francisco in 1906, timber mills in the Northwest went into high gear. They supplied the wood needed to rebuild. Last year, many in the timber industry predicted the Tohoku quake in Japan would cause a jump in northwest lumber exports. But those predictions haven't come true. The recovery after the 3/11 quake is slower than expected.<p>The Tohoku region in Japan has faced many setbacks in the recovery. As if the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and 100-foot tsunami waves weren’t enough, the Fukushima nuclear disaster still hasn’t been resolved. Wed, 07 Mar 2012 19:14:01 +0000 Azusa Uchikura 4362 at http://www.kplu.org Oregon's timber counties still seeking help http://www.kplu.org/post/oregons-timber-counties-still-seeking-help <p>Oregon&#39;s timber dependent counties are still hoping for a federal rescue. But they&#39;re creating contingency plans in case Congress doesn&#39;t come through with a replacement for historic timber revenue.</p><p>Officials from eight counties met with Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Monday to discuss their options. Some counties say they could become insolvent in the next year without additional funding.</p><p> Tue, 20 Dec 2011 17:24:26 +0000 Chris Lehman 3504 at http://www.kplu.org Earthquake rebuilding likely to benefit existing timber exporters http://www.kplu.org/post/earthquake-rebuilding-likely-benefit-existing-timber-exporters <p>http://stream.publicbroadcasting.net/production/mp3/kplu/local-kplu-961585.mp3</p><p>When disaster response in Japan turns to rebuilding, Northwest timber companies and sawmills should see an increase in exports. But an industry consultant says the slow pace of disaster recovery means those new orders may not come for months.&nbsp;</p><p style="margin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 1.5em; margin-left: 0px; padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 0px; border-top-width: 0px; border-right-width: 0px; border-bottom-width: 0px; border-left-width: 0px; border-style: initial; border-color: initial; font-weight: inherit; font-style: inherit; font-size: 12px; font-family: inherit; vertical-align: baseline; ">Stock prices for some North American timber companies spiked in the immediate aftermath of the Japan disaster. Wall Street anticipates a surge in Japanese demand for logs, lumber and plywood to rebuild homes.</p><p> Tue, 05 Apr 2011 17:11:44 +0000 Tom Banse & KPLU News Staff 1137 at http://www.kplu.org Earthquake rebuilding likely to benefit existing timber exporters Booming demand from China for Northwest logs & lumber http://www.kplu.org/post/booming-demand-china-northwest-logs-lumber <p>There&rsquo;s good news and bad news for logging and saw-milling jobs in the Northwest. The bad news is new figures out show construction spending dropped in February to the lowest level in more than a decade. The good news is that timber demand from China is soaring.</p><p>Russia has traditionally been China&rsquo;s main wood supplier. An export tax by the Russians combined with the expanding Chinese economy has created an opening for exporters on the West Coast. Fri, 01 Apr 2011 21:01:43 +0000 Tom Banse & KPLU News Staff 1126 at http://www.kplu.org Booming demand from China for Northwest logs & lumber