television en Amazon profit falls, but analyst says not to worry <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">Amazon’s first-quarter profit dropped 37 percent, but at least one analyst says that’s nothing to worry about; it's all part of Amazon's master plan to keep edging out competitors by investing deeply.</span></p><p> Thu, 25 Apr 2013 22:47:48 +0000 Ashley Gross 8565 at Amazon profit falls, but analyst says not to worry All TV is educational, just maybe not in the way you want <p></p><p>Anyone who says watching TV has no impact on children’s behavior is ignoring a lot of scientific research. The latest study, from pediatricians in Seattle, shows you can improve the behavior of young children by changing what they watch.&nbsp;</p><p>They took this approach after about two decades of trying to get parents to turn off the TV, and severely limit screen time for young kids. They were almost ready to give up. The best they could achieve was cutting TV time for pre-school age children from four-and-a-half hours per day to four hours per day.</p><p>That hardly seemed worth the effort. Mon, 18 Feb 2013 06:20:00 +0000 Keith Seinfeld 7808 at Tina Fey: '30 Rock' Star And Creator Moves On <em>This interview was originally broadcast on <a href="">April 13, 2011</a>.</em><p>Tina Fey grew up in a household with parents she has described as "Goldwater Republicans with pre-Norman Lear racial attitudes."<p>But, she says, her parents were always supportive of her career, even when she told them she was moving to Chicago to start a career in improv.<p>"To their credit, they never said, 'You like entertainment. Fri, 25 Jan 2013 19:32:39 +0000 7646 at Tina Fey: '30 Rock' Star And Creator Moves On 'Simpsons' creator: Real Springfield is in Oregon <p>PORTLAND, Ore. &mdash; One of the best-kept secrets in television history has been unmasked when &quot;The Simpsons&quot; creator Matt Groening revealed the Springfield in Oregon as the basis for the hometown of his characters.</p><p> Tue, 10 Apr 2012 21:02:52 +0000 The Associated Press 4711 at 'Simpsons' creator: Real Springfield is in Oregon Top TV theme songs, aka 'Boob Tube Pop' <p></p><p>You can name a few, we&#39;re sure: TV theme songs that topped the pop charts.&nbsp;</p><p>Here&#39;s a little quiz, based on this week&#39;s <a href="">Record Bin Roulette</a>. Name the show (and theme song) from the clue provided (answers at bottom of the post!):</p><ol><li><strong>Johnny Rivers sang it all the way to #3</strong></li><li><strong>Don Diego de la Vega was the lead character&#39;s name</strong></li><li><strong>Theme song with one word, repeated over and over...</strong></li><li><strong>The Sweathogs had him</strong></li><li><strong>Unofficial University of Hawaii fight song</strong> Thu, 20 Jan 2011 13:03:57 +0000 John Maynard & John Kessler 568 at Top TV theme songs, aka 'Boob Tube Pop'