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Any purchases that start through an Amazon link on will benefit us.


  • It doesn't cost you anything extra
  • Works for all purchases through, not just music

Your online shopping can support KPLU programming.

KPLU has an agreement with that enables visitors to to purchase music, DVDs, and other merchandise, and a portion of that revenue is designated to KPLU.

This benefit also extends to the listen items that are sold through independent sellers working with

We only receive this money if you shop through one of the links on  Once you've entered, KPLU receives a revenue share from all products you purchase during that visit.

Regular Amazon shoppers: Change your bookmarks to THIS!                                                        

  • Right-click and choose "copy link address" on any of the links on this page.
  • Go to manage your bookmarks.  Use the paste function to change your old link to the new, longer one you just copied.
  • Enjoy shopping at just like you normally would.

Details: If you search for an item and decline to purchase it right away, you can go back and add it to your shopping cart within 24 hours and the revenue share still goes to us. Once you've clicked through to and you search for further items during that visit, those count too. As of now, there is no indication of the revenue share during checkout.

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